Skin is a mirror of harmony inside us  


  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases
  • Digital dermatoscopy – investigation for skin formations and tumors
  • The biopsy of the skin, histological examination
  • Bacteriological, microscopical, virusological and other diagnostic examinations
  • The cryotherapy of papillomae, verrucae
  • The medical pedicure - problems of hyperkeratosis, desquamation, fissure, corns, warts, fungal diseases of nail and skin, traumatic damage of foot, ingrown nail and other foot problems will be solved by a certified and experienced podologist.
  • Foot massage (Thailander technique)
  • Hair removal (epilation) with wax or sugar specific products
  • Permanent make-up (eyebrow, eave lines, lip contours or fulfillment)
  • Body massage with vacuum (helps to decrease cellulitis, venous passive congestions)
  • Cosmetological procedures for face, neck and décollet area
  • Chemical and Ultrasound peelings
  • Iontophoresis with antiaging preparations (deep penetration of required compounds into the skin without injections)
  • Deep cleaning of the skin - brushing, vaporisation, chemical/enzym peel and d’Arsonvalisation (fights acne/black heads)
  • Massage of face and décollet zone and lifting procedures.
  • Lymph drainage to prevent swelling.
  • Microdermabrasio (BDR apparatus)
  • Microperforation of the skin with infusion of hyaluronic acid (the strongest moisturizer of the skin) into dermal parts of the skin (BDR apparatus)
  • Mesotherapy (injection of hyaluronic acid – Mesolis, mesolis plus, Yal system, vitamines, placentex into deeper parts of the problematic skin – biostimulation, effective moisturisation of the skin)
  • Filler injections (cosmetic treatment used to smooth wrinkles on the face)
  • Filler injection into lips to make the lips fuller, correction of asymmetry.
  • Botulin toxin (DYSPORT) injections – effective method to smooth wrinkles on the face.
  • Botulin toxin (DYSPORT) injections into axillae to fight increased perspiration.
  • Asclepion Yellow diode laser damaged capilar removal.
  • Asclepion Yellow diode laser pigmentation removal.
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